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Student groups [20 Aug 2012|08:39am]

I am having a hard time finding what is available for student groups on the PSU website. Does anyone have some information on differsnt groups I could join?

Thank you!
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Paid Focus Group Opportunity for College Students [19 Aug 2012|01:24pm]


Are you a woman age 18-24 who is currently enrolled in a college or university? Have you been in an unhealthy, controlling, or unsafe relationship?


Are you a man or a woman age 18-24 who is currently enrolled in a college or university and have had a FRIEND who has been in an unhealthy, controlling, or unsafe relationship?

If so, we need your advice!  Come give feedback on a smartphone app for college women in unsafe dating relationships and their friends and family who want to help them.  Receive a $25 gift card for your time and snacks will be provided!  You will not be asked about your personal experiences we just need your advice!  Not comfortable in a group?  Individual interviews are available. 

Please call or email asap for details:
(503) 312-3587

OHSU IRB # 8744, Principal Investigator Karen Eden PhD

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[17 Aug 2012|03:48pm]

Hi, PSU students!

There is a group of Thai students (highschool-age) coming to Portland on September 28th, and they're going to need host families until October 17th.

Anyone who is interested in being a host family for one (or more) of these kids for 2 weeks, send me a message and I will give you my email address.

It's a great opportunity, and you'll be helping kids. I bet some of y'all have studied abroad (like me) and know how valuable an abroad experience is. Your family could be part of a student's cultural experience in Portland.

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Looking to Buy a Car [26 Dec 2011|05:12pm]
In an attempt to avoid the total crap shoot that is craigslist, I come to you, PSU community. My hopes are that you will have a great car you are looking to sell and an interest in not screwing me over. Doesn't sound like you? What about your friends, your family? Here's what I'm looking for:

* $2200 or less
* mid-90's Japanese car (Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, pretty much in that order, would consider volvo too)
* Less than 200k miles

Things that don't particularly matter: AT or 5-speed, 4 or 2 door (though looking for smaller car rather than truck or SUV)

For the right car, I'd be willing to compromise on 1 or more of my criteria (certain Toyotas, for example, I'd consider even with high miles). I'm well aware that I'm asking a lot for a little but I think it's out there.


Email me at andthereiwas.at.gmail.com
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[14 Nov 2011|11:34pm]

Hi everyone!
I am writing an article for the Vanguard about how to make an ugly sweater for an ugly sweater party. I have been unable to find an ugly or plain sweater thus far (Goodwill charges waaaay too much!), so if you have a sweater you don't want anymore, or if you know where I could get a sweater really cheaply, please reply.

Thank you!
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[17 Oct 2011|09:11pm]


Dear fellow PSU-goers,

I am with Aiesec, a student-run organization that sends students and recent grads abroad on internships. We have plenty of options for anyone who wants to go abroad during winter term. For people graduating this term, it may be of particular interest. But even if you aren't, you are just as welcome to talk to us about going on an internship next term.
visit aiesecus.org/oregon, or email us at aiesec.oregon@gmail.com
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[14 Aug 2011|10:53am]

Yes, PSU has an Aiesec chapter.
In case you haven't heard of Aiesec, it is the world's largest student-run organization, and we find internships abroad for people here, and internships here for people in other countries. Joining Aiesec is a wonderful opportunity, because a lot of people got the jobs they have today because of their work with Aiesec while they were students.

Our meetings and info sessions will resume in Fall, and everyone interested in work experience and/or an internship abroad is encouraged to come.

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Promissary Note Time [01 Jul 2011|10:46am]

Just a reminder - your master promissary notes are available for signing now. Don't be like me last year and totally forget to do it and get your loans late.

Here's the link:

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MMA Gyms Around PSU? [15 May 2011|01:18am]

I was recently accepted into PSU, and while living in Portland my whole life, I'm not exactly knowledgeable on the specific area of town that PSU is in (downtown/SW). I was wondering if anyone knew of any MMA gyms in the area, that can preferably be vouched for (even if it's just he/she said, it's still worth looking into for me). If not, that's fine, too. I'm doing my own research right now, but I'd like to ask the community as well. My current gym is in Vancouver, and it'd be almost impossible for me to get there while living downtown, so that's why I'd like to relocate. :)

Thank you!
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[04 May 2011|11:58pm]

Looking at the schedule for fall term, I have found that I can fit 5 of the classes I need into my schedule. 3 of them are art classes (lower than the one I am in now, for which I have not had to do any work outside of class). I really want to do all 5 of the classes I want next term, but one is my senior capstone and I will therefore be taking 20 credits instead of the usual 16. Therefore, I am not 100% sure that I want to be doing 5 classes when one is my senior capstone, even though 3 of them are low-level art classes.

My question to you all is: Has anyone taken art 117, 118 or 131, and if so, what kind of work did they involve? Tests? Lots of reading? Did they require a lot of time outside of class? Basically, any information about what you or people you know have had to do for any of those classes would be helpful for me to know.
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LOST! [12 Apr 2011|12:23pm]

So I've already contacted trimet about this, but figured I'd post here too. Today I misplaced my PSU ID card. It has my bus-flexpass-sticker on it, so it's pretty important I get it back because I can't get that sticker replaced. It also is a key card that I would rather not have to replace. Not to mention the cost of a new card.

Anyway, rode the 9 this morning toward psu from SE at about 8am. Misplaced my card, pretty sure on the bus. Possibly on campus. If I did lose it on campus, it was probably somewehre in SMSU. (I already looked around there, but no luck) If anyone finds it, would be awesome if I could get it back. My name is Gloria, and my name is (obviously) on the card. As well as my picture and ID number.

x-posted to trimet & damnportlanders 

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Library use? [17 Mar 2011|09:38pm]

Can I still use the PSU library even if I am no longer a student there? I really like the library there! I don't want to abandon it... I feel like some one on my tour of PSU told us that the library was open to the public, but not sure if that's accurate right now.

and also: NW cinema now charges us for films there! ah! I am heartbroken by this... but glad I took advantage of the free movies while I could. Anyone know why? Many of the films didn't have a big attendance anyway...
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Is anyone taking art history 205 or 206 next term? [14 Mar 2011|05:24pm]

I am currently in possession of an Art History 205 textbook and a 206 textbook, which I am selling for $50 apiece. They are $81 in the bookstore, so if you're planning to take either of those classes, buying mine will definitely save you some money.
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Science/Math Requirement [18 Feb 2011|03:10pm]

So, I'm thinking of getting the Science/Math requirement for my bachelor of arts out of the way this coming term. What's the single easiest class I can take to fulfill it? I haven't taken a math or science class in about 17 years, so keep that in mind.

Or, a some challenge is fine, as long as it's "fun".
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hoshit! [10 Feb 2011|03:34pm]

So I'm sure a bunch of you have seen this dude preaching out behind SMSU, calling girls sluts and generally just causing a ruckus. Well apparently he has been arrested. His mug shot is creepy, he is altogether just way too happy. But apparently God speaks through him. Anyway, interesting article.
go read it!
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capstones [31 Jan 2011|10:09pm]

freaking out about capstones YET AGAIN.

Does anyone know anything about the kiwanis capstone that used to be around? on the PSU website there is something about camp starlight, but I remember there being a kiwanis camp capstone from a few years back.

Also: I plan on emailing the prof, but they also have a capstone called "engaging environmental ed" listed on the UNST page for next term but not on the schedule... Is there any chance it just didn't get put on there?

I'm so frustrated with PSU right now, it's ridiculous.
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Entry Audition [26 Jan 2011|05:59pm]
Hmm... is anyone here a music major or know someone whose auditioned for an entry into the music department and know how many years they majored in music until they did?

I've only been playing the piano for two years and would be interested in focusing on piano, but the entry audition criteria seems extremely extensive to me, and was just curious as to how many years/how long someone has typically taken classes for a music major and finally auditioned? (Unless everyone had already become pro and auditioned right off the bat when deciding to become a music major...)

Although I can't help it and know that I should just continue practicing, but I feel that I would really be falling behind if I wait a couple of years to become better while I am still taking music courses... or am I just a lost cause? -_-
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[24 Jan 2011|11:16pm]

Okay, the "tax notification" is up for 2010, but it's saying i didn't pay anything when my bill record shows that I paid over 4000 in tuition for Winter 2010.


(grr)... gotta call bursars now.. this is bull..

could it be "up" but not populated yet? Why would it show me the form but have no data?

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