ckvio (ckvio) wrote in pdx_edu,

Entry Audition

Hmm... is anyone here a music major or know someone whose auditioned for an entry into the music department and know how many years they majored in music until they did?

I've only been playing the piano for two years and would be interested in focusing on piano, but the entry audition criteria seems extremely extensive to me, and was just curious as to how many years/how long someone has typically taken classes for a music major and finally auditioned? (Unless everyone had already become pro and auditioned right off the bat when deciding to become a music major...)

Although I can't help it and know that I should just continue practicing, but I feel that I would really be falling behind if I wait a couple of years to become better while I am still taking music courses... or am I just a lost cause? -_-
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Piano is a very populated and competitive instrument area. I majored in voice at PSU as an undergrad, and I had been taking voice lessons for 4 years by the time I auditioned at age 18. Most of the pianists there had been playing since they were kids.

If you are taking regular lessons with a good teacher, I think you should continue taking requirements like theory, sight-singing etc. if you eventually want to get a degree in music education (BA). But a BM in piano requires a really high skill level. You might try go for that degree later. If you are serious about study, the university environment will help you become immersed in becoming a better musician, no matter the degree track.