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So I've already contacted trimet about this, but figured I'd post here too. Today I misplaced my PSU ID card. It has my bus-flexpass-sticker on it, so it's pretty important I get it back because I can't get that sticker replaced. It also is a key card that I would rather not have to replace. Not to mention the cost of a new card.

Anyway, rode the 9 this morning toward psu from SE at about 8am. Misplaced my card, pretty sure on the bus. Possibly on campus. If I did lose it on campus, it was probably somewehre in SMSU. (I already looked around there, but no luck) If anyone finds it, would be awesome if I could get it back. My name is Gloria, and my name is (obviously) on the card. As well as my picture and ID number.

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